BCAA Proposed Donations

This organization is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Please make payment using This is secure way of making payment. Click here to make the payment. 

Please note Bengali cultural Association welcome everyone to join our programs. The proposed donation to offset the cost but it doesn’t restrict any individual to attend any of our programs.   We are not a membership organization. We welcome everybody. 

You will need credit card information to make the payment. Please note will charge 5.75% extra as service fee.

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Grand Patron**   $500 and up
Patron**   $300 -$499
Upfront   $260
Durga Puja only   $180
Upfront   $130
Durga Puja only   $95
Upfront   $45
Durga Puja only   $35
Durga Puja only   $50
Individual 10/7 only   $25
Grand Patron

 -  Recognition at S. Puja  and Durga Puja as well as in the magazine and website

 * *Patron

 -  Recognition at S. Puja and Durga Puja as well as in the magazine and website.